Software Engineer (JavaScript, contract/part-time)

Remote - San Francisco, CA

Oven is on a mission to make JavaScript faster and simpler. That's why we launched Bun, a fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime, bundler, and package manager. We're looking for people to help us build the future of JavaScript and infrastructure on the Internet.


Bun is compatible with both Web and Node.js APIs. Some are written in Zig, while others are written in JavaScript/TypeScript. We're looking for engineers who can write fast and efficient JavaScript.


  • Strong experience in server-side JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Strong understanding of Internet technologies such as JavaScript/TypeScript and HTTP
  • Passionate about writing fast and efficient code

Bonus Points

  • Understanding of how to optimize code specifically for JavaScript runtimes
  • Understanding of UNIX systems, kernel, or TCP/UDP networking
  • Are a maintainer or frequent contributor to open-source software


Oven is building a team of passionate and talented engineers who are excited to make JavaScript better for everyone. To achieve that goal, we are also building a workplace that where people are trusted, empowered, and well-compensated for their work.

  • Location: We have our own office in downtown San Francisco and cater free lunch every day
  • Remote OK: We offer a bonus if you're willing to relocate to San Francisco, but can hire remotely from anywhere
  • Compensation: We offer competitive compensation with startup equity and room to grow based on your contributions
  • Healthcare: We have flexible health plans that cover both physical and mental healthcare
  • Time Off: Enjoy four weeks of paid time-off each year with flexible sick, family, and mental health leave
  • Stipends: We support your commute to the office, computer hardware, office setup, and fitness routine

About Us

Oven has raised $7M from some of Silicon Valley's top investors, including Kleiner Perkins, YCombinator, and Guillermo Rauch, to make JavaScript faster and simpler. Bun is just the start for Oven. Oven will offer a serverless platform that makes it refreshingly easy for developers to deploy applications with Bun.

If you want to learn more about Bun, you can visit our website, or listen to a recent talk about Bun.