Runtime Engineer (Zig or C/C++)

Remote - San Francisco, CA

Oven is on a mission to make JavaScript faster and simpler. That's why we launched Bun, a fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime, bundler, and package manager. We're looking for people to help us build the future of JavaScript and infrastructure on the Internet.


Bun is written in Zig, a low-level programming language. We're looking for engineers who are experienced in Zig or C/C++ and are excited about contributing to our JavaScript runtime.


  • Strong experience in a systems programming language such as Zig or C/C++
  • Strong understanding of Internet technologies such as JavaScript/TypeScript and HTTP
  • Passionate about writing fast and efficient code

Bonus Points

  • Experience with Zig (most of Bun is written in Zig)
  • Experience with the internals of JavaScript runtimes: JavaScriptCore, V8, or SpiderMonkey
  • Understanding of UNIX systems, kernel, or TCP/UDP networking
  • Understanding of how to build multi-tenant, large-scale distributed systems
  • Are a maintainer or frequent contributor to open-source software


Oven is building a team of passionate and talented engineers who are excited to make JavaScript better for everyone. To achieve that goal, we are also building a workplace that where people are trusted, empowered, and well-compensated for their work.

  • Location: We have our own office in downtown San Francisco and cater free lunch every day
  • Remote OK: We offer a bonus if you're willing to relocate to San Francisco, but can hire remotely from anywhere
  • Compensation: We offer competitive compensation with startup equity and room to grow based on your contributions
  • Healthcare: We have flexible health plans that cover both physical and mental healthcare
  • Time Off: Enjoy four weeks of paid time-off each year with flexible sick, family, and mental health leave
  • Stipends: We support your commute to the office, computer hardware, office setup, and fitness routine

About Us

Oven has raised $7M from some of Silicon Valley's top investors, including Kleiner Perkins, YCombinator, and Guillermo Rauch, to make JavaScript faster and simpler. Bun is just the start for Oven. Oven will offer a serverless platform that makes it refreshingly easy for developers to deploy applications with Bun.

If you want to learn more about Bun, you can visit our website, or listen to a recent talk about Bun.